In a remote era, Evil made its place in the Sky. Two sister Stars once united as a single soul, broke their bond, and fell from Heaven. Their story became a legend.

A thousand years later, the vast Empire of Moskova is at the mercy of the oppressive regime of its new Tsar, Ivar, and his protégé, Mikhai. Multiple peoples suffer their agenda where paranoia, vulgarity, sarcasm, and horror are the bread of every day. Darkness spreads across the Empire, and the only hope seems to be to find and reunite the Lost Northern Stars. But, according to legend, only uncorrupted hearts can reach them.

Two Kozzakhi children may have the key to saving their homeland, but they must first learn about their past. A servant from the Royal Palace desires to save his family, but he also feels his duty is to end the reign of the horror.

Two unique sabers. One hope. A journey full of dangers and new friends  through a snowy land of demons, fairy tales and secrets to be revealed under the Northern Lights.

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